92% of the companies cite “redesigning the way we work” as one of their key challenges


“The New Organization: Different by Design” – Deloitte, 2016

The company that will succeed in the future is not the one organized in a hierarchical way.

Most companies are slow and bureaucratic.

The typical hierarchical structure has become obsolete and generates the same limiting dynamics – including watertight compartments, bureaucracy, lack of accountability, risk aversion, lack of innovation – that companies try to dismantle with re-organizations and change initiatives, even if often without success.



Fractals are geometric figures found in nature, which are not organized hierarchically but where each part reproduces the whole. Nature organizes itself in this way to optimize the system.

In your company, the optimization starts with AEquacy, the revolutionary organizational model, which is based on a radial and equalitarian structure of self-organizing teams that allows companies to cope with growing complexity and adapt quickly.

These are some highlights of our survey “The company of the future” conducted on a sample of 800 employees, managers and executives of large organizations in the United States and Europe in 2018:

• 52% of respondents imagine an organization structured as a network of collaborating teams;

• 41% expect teams to be responsible and self-managed without hierarchical leaders;

• 55% believe that decisions will come from a shared set of guiding principles and values ​​or from the best judgment of people;

• 64% expect transparency of information;

• 64% of respondents aged 25-35 expect a simplified environment with dynamic systems and streamlined processes;

The research report can be downloaded for free on the AEquacy website.


136 managers and executives have participated in a study so far in which the participants worked both in a traditional and hierarchical environment first, and in an AEquacy environment afterward.

Thus, they evaluated the difference between the performance reached in an AEquacy environment and the one reached in a hierarchical environment :


Communication / clarity


Agility reaction to change


Collaboration between departments


Costumer service


Innovation / creativity


Financial performance


Employee engagement


Employee accountability

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