The People Behind AEquacy

AEquacy was born from our curiosity around and passion for organizational evolution and from our frustration with the limits we experience every day in traditional organizations

Our Company

AEquacy is a brand fully owned by Asterys, a global organizational development firm operating since 2002 to support corporations initiating and navigating change to make their business highly performing, agile, resilient, and their people more fulfilled, conscious and engaged.

With more than 100 Associate Facilitators and Executive Coaches in more than 25 country, we support your organization nearly everywhere.


is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by enabling leaders to transform their way of thinking, their way of being and their organizations. Our talent is to unlock their full potential for their business and amplify the impact they have in the world.

People Development

Increasing leadership capability and fostering a new leadership culture.

Team Development

Fostering team’s awareness, alignment and collaboration to increase performance and fulfillment.

Organizational Design

Implementing a new organizational design to generate true agility and innovation.


Giovanna D'Alessio

Giovanna D'Alessio

Partner at Asterys, TEDx Speaker, Author of “Personal Mastery. The Path to Transformative Leadership


Stefano Petti

Stefano Petti

Partner at Asterys, life-long learner and co-author of several Harvard Business Review articles


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