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Let us serve you in shifting your organizational paradigm to AEquacy. We have designed several programs to introduce AEquacy to organizations, depending on their expectations and needs.

Understanding the AEquacy system and how it can apply to my organization

2-hour in-presence presentation to the CEO/Sponsor

We go over the business case for creating an aequal  organization, what it would entail and how it can be implemented.

1-day AEquacy tester workshop

We engage a team or a department (or the whole  company if it is a small organization) in a highly  interactive workshop where participants experience life  at work with and without AEquacy, so they can taste first-hand how it feels like. The team discusses opportunities and potential challenges of  adopting AEquacy.

Testing how implementing AEquacy would look like in one part of the organization

Aequacy Pilot program

We customize our implementation process and co-create with you a bespoke change initiative to  facilitate one team or one department to design  their own aequal structure and to adopt the AEquacy  operating principles and practices.

Moving the whole organization to Aequacy

Let’s go AEquacy Program

We customize our implementation process and  co-create with you a bespoke change initiative to  facilitate the shift of the whole organization to AEquacy. It includes extensive training to all members of the organization in the four competences of individual and Team Mastery.

Embedding the adoption of AEquacy and building capability after the implementation

Embedding AEquacy

We can provide facilitation, coaching and mentoring while training a group of internal change catalysts as  AEquacy Practitioners so they can support their peers in the transition to an aequal organization.

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