AEquacy Facilitation Certification Program

Introducing AEquacy to organizations, developing organizational culture, supporting organization design and behavior change in order to ensure an effective and sustainable transition to AEquacy, require a mix of specific knowledge and competences.
We have built an AEquacy Facilitation Certification Program that takes you step by step to the level of competence needed, whether you are an internal or external practitioner supporting a team to implement some of the AEquacy practices and tools, or a consultant wanting to accompany a whole organization to shift to AEquacy.

The AFCP (AEquacy Facilitation Certification Program)

 offers two levels of certification:

Certified AEquacy Practitioner (CAP):

This level of certification allows individuals to support teams in determining their own purpose, in the adoption of dynamic roles and OKRs, in facilitating Governance and Operational meetings and facilitating the design of systems and processes autonomously. CAPs are generally employees of organizations moving to AEquacy or consultants/coaches applying some of the AEquacy-related practices and tools autonomously. CAPs are allowed to facilitate the above AEquacy practices and deliver parts of the Aequacy implementation program only under the supervision of Asterys or a licensed AEquacy Provider.

Certified AEquacy Facilitator (CAF):

This level of certification allows individuals, in addition to what a CAP can already do, to deliver any part of the Aequacy Transition Program under the supervision of a licensed AEquacy Provider and to autonomously engage in some additional activities like private AEquacy Taster and webinars. CAFs also qualify for the AEquacy Licensing Program.

Licensing program

Certified AEquacy Facilitators entering an AEquacy Licensing Program are allowed to sell and deliver all AEquacy services including AEquacy Transition facilitation, AEquacy Public Tasters, AEquacy workshops and presentations.

Types of intervention each qualification allows:


Types of intervention
Practitioner (CAP) Facilitator (CAF)
Delivers some practices and tools autonomously
Deliver parts of the AEquacy Transition program under supervision
Deliver parts of AEquacy Transition program under licensed partner
Consulting/initiating Aequacy with clients  
Deliver private Aequacy Tasters  
Deliver Aequacy Webinars  
Deliver full AEquacy Transition program under licensed partner  
Deliver AEquacy public taster   Only with licensing
Deliver full programs   Only with licensing
AEquacy presentations/speeches   Only with licensing

Levels of AEquacy Facilitation:


Levels of facilitation
Practitioner (CAP) Facilitator (CAF)
Debriefing AEquacy Readiness Survey
Facilitating adoption of roles and OKRs
Facilitating development of team/organizational purpose
Facilitating Governance and operational meeting
Facilitating design of structure  
Facilitating development of systems/processes  
Facilitating AEqucy Tester  
Facilitating a full AEquacy implementation   Only with licensing

Module Description

Certified AEquacy Parctitioner (CAP)

Pre-requisite: Attendance of the one-day AEquacy Taster program.

In this highly experiential training participants will:

  • Explore the principles and framework of AEquacy
  • Learn Consent Decision Making and how to facilitate Operational and Governance meetings
  • Learn how to establish Roles and OKRs (Objectives and Key results) to measure and enhance team performance
  • Facilitate the definition of an organisation/team’s purpose
  • Facilitate the design of an AEquacy structure
  • Facilitate the design of systems and processes
  • Lear how to debrief the AEquacy readiness survey

This training is composed of two workshops of 4 days each. In between modules, the candidate is required to practice the facilitation of: purpose definition, definition of dynamic roles, set-up of OKR and Operational and Governance team at least once.

At the end of the training, the credential is granted to the individuals who demonstrate real-time competence in facilitating the above areas of practice and who pass the AEquacy Knowledge Assessment.

Certified AEquacy Facilitator (CAF)

Pre-requisite: 50 hours of practice in the areas of practice anticipated for the CAP level with the addition of facilitation around design of structure/processes.

In this highly experiential training, participants will learn to:

  • Apply the principles of AEquacy on a deeper level of understanding
  • Deliver an AEquacy Taster
  • Facilitate the whole transition from hierarchy to AEquacy of an organization

This training is composed by one 4-day workshop.

At the end of the training, the credential is granted to the individuals who demonstrate real-time competence in facilitating the design of an organization’s AEquacy structure and processes and in facilitating all the stages of an AEquacy implementation.

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